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Organiser of the Month - Claire Stevenson

22nd July 2019

As a new Organiser, it can be difficult to overcome feelings of self-doubt to truly flourish in your business. July's Organiser of the Month has stepped out of her comfort zone to become a wonderful support to her team, enjoying a whole host of fantastic opportunities along the way.

Claire was nominated by her mentor, Carron Charlesworth:

"Claire joined my team in November 2017. After a steady start, Claire decided that she would like to grow her business, and she has certainly done that! This is all down to one admirable aspect of Claire - her self-belief.

I have had the absolute pleasure of witnessing Claire's incredible transformation as a person and as an Organiser. Acknowledging that she can run her own Usborne business her own way has been really empowering for Claire. It was like a switch: something just clicked within her one day and her confidence levels started to rise - and she hasn't stopped since!

Claire has gone from being a quiet presence in our Facebook groups to being one of our main contributors. She also now co-ordinates a weekly post for the whole team, which is a massive help to everyone.

I have also seen Claire flourish offline, too. She has extended her business from being mainly online to getting out and about, sharing our books at a variety of events in the community. She is creative, bubbly and a real 'ideas' person!

Claire realised her potential for supporting people after helping a colleague in our team, and I was absolutely thrilled for her when she approached me to tell me she wanted to build her own team. I know she has the right mind-set and determination to be a fantastic Team Leader! She is working extremely hard, and I would like to applaud her on her remarkable focus.

Some things haven't gone completely to plan, but she keeps pushing on as she is so set on reaching her goal. She will not be defeated, and this just goes to show the level of courage and strength Claire has found as an Usborne Organiser."

Claire shares her Usborne story with us:

"I initially started my Usborne journey to get free books for my two girls, Emily and Isla. I soon found that I loved hosting parties and having stalls at events.

I worked really hard to unlock working with schools, and I was so pleased when I got my first booking. It was amazing to know that our lovely books were going to be enjoyed by so many children. Standing up in front of the school was simultaneously scary and exhilarating - before becoming an Organiser, there is no way I would have done this!

I've enjoyed so many fantastic opportunities since joining Usborne and my confidence has grown no end. A particular highlight was meeting Usborne author Matt Killeen at a local school, where he was holding workshops. It was brilliant to have the chance to chat to him.

I have recently started building my own team and I am loving helping others to start their own Usborne journeys. I am also now running "Support Saturdays" in our team Facebook group, which I thoroughly enjoy. 

Usborne has given me so much more than just my own business - it has given me "me" back. It is thanks to my mentor, Carron, and our division of amazingly supportive Organisers that I am where I am today."

Congratulations, Claire! A copy of our July Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

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