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Book of the Month - Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Growing Up

1st July 2019

What is puberty? What's the point of belly buttons? When will I stop growing? Curious children can find the answers to these and many more questions about the ins and outs of growing up in this entertaining and reassuring book.

With over 60 flaps to lift, Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Growing Up is jam-packed with facts and useful information. Covering everything from periods, shaving and puberty to 'what job can I do when I grow up?' this is an ideal reference book for young children who are curious about the changes they are experiencing.

Divided into eight chapters, each double page covers a different topic. With each flap asking a question that readers lift to reveal the answer, the questions posed provide a useful starting point for parents to approach conversations that they might find tricky or awkward. The vibrant illustrations and clear and concise text combine to make this a book that can be enjoyed as a cover-to-cover read, but is also fantastic for young readers to dip in and out of.

Our favourite page is 'Coping with Growing Up', which reassures young readers that growing up isn't always easy, and reminds them that it's always OK to ask for help and guidance. Offering top tips and ideas - from sleeping well and enjoying a balanced diet to keeping a journal and talking to a trusted grown-up - it shares plenty of methods all designed to help children learn to cope with this changeable time of their lives.

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Growing Up is an engaging and interactive way to explore the often confusing changes that children experience as they grow older. Complete with Usborne Quicklinks to a selection of carefully selected websites for further questions and answers, this fantastic guide is an essential addition to any family bookshelf or school library.

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