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Organiser of the Month - Ali Faulkner-Luke

29th April 2019

We love hearing about all the ways Organisers connect with schools, charities and each other to build long-lasting relationships. April's inspirational Organiser of the Month has gone from strength to strength since making the decision to focus on building her team.

Ali was nominated by her team member, Sarah Barrett:

"Ali joined my team in April 2017. She had been a customer of mine for some time and loved the books. Since joining, she has had such a huge impact on our team, going from strength to strength on her Usborne journey.

Ali is a full time teacher with such a busy personal life, but she somehow manages to balance all of these things whilst shining in everything she does with her business. As her mentor, I couldn't be prouder! She's always there to support anyone in our groups and her kind, caring personality touches so many people - especially the amazing charity work she does with Alice's Escapes, providing personalised book packages for seriously ill children.

I could not wish for a better friend to have on this wonderful adventure Usborne provides - Ali is an inspirational role model who is valued by everyone!"

Ali shares her Usborne story with us:

"I joined Usborne in April 2017 as I have a niece with complex additional needs who LOVES the That's not my... books, so it was a great way to keep her library stocked. I'm also a Reception Class Teacher and I was spending a fortune filling up my bookshelves with Usborne Books!

Fast forward to January 2018, and I was really enjoying the interaction on our group Facebook page - supporting people with queries and sharing knowledge was another part to the job I was keen to explore.

After chatting it through with my Mentor, Sarah, I decided to 'have a go' at building my business. I started recruiting in the January, had my first active recruit by March and promoted to Team Leader in April. It suddenly became very real and very exciting! The excitement of promotion and the buzz of supporting other people to write a better story was a real drive for me to continue building my team, sharing the opportunity with more and more people.

In August 2018 I really focused on recruiting - I was eager to have a strong team for 'silly season', knowing I would be really busy once back at school. It paid off and, by the end of August, I had more than tripled the size of my team. One of my new Team Members was a FROG (friend, relative, organisation or group) - my niece, Anna, who lives in Italy. The rest is history; my team had expanded into Europe and both the UK and EU teams continue to go from strength to strength.

Nobody was more surprised than me when I achieved Top New Leader for 2018! My day at Usborne Publishing and evening at The Ritz with Peter Usborne was the most amazing experience.

It has been a roller coaster of a year, juggling full time teaching, family commitments and my Usborne business, but every single day brings amazing moments. I am fortunate enough to work great schools, an incredible charity and lots of fabulous team members who are doing amazing things - including team building themselves!

Above all, I have made the most incredible friendships and working relationships. I could not be more grateful to Sarah Barrett for her truly inspiring leadership and mentoring, unfailing support and, above all, friendship. It is a privilege to share such a close working relationship, working together to help others achieve their goals.

Usborne really has opened up a whole new world of opportunities and experiences. Thank you!"

Congratulations, Ali! A copy of our April Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

We look forward to receiving all nominations. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser. Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!