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An Usborne Organiser and a £35,649 order!

10th April 2013

Lisa Colley

We're thrilled to share this wonderful story that tells of our largest, ever single order, and as you'll hear from the Organiser who secured it Group Leader, Lisa Colley, it really can happen to anyone...

"Have you ever heard some amazing news and thought, "Wow - that would never happen to me"?  Well... let me tell you my story...

I was passed a lead from Head Office for Kent County Council who I had previously worked with a few years before, but my contact had left and not passed on new contact details. 

They were interested in placing an order for their nurseries and wanted a catalogue.  I popped them a catalogue in the post and called to offer to come in with some samples. My contact explained that they were looking to order a nursery rhyme book, possibly the sing along one with CD, but didn't need me to come in.

I was aware that they had around 300 nurseries, so you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of a £2,000+ order after discount.  A couple of weeks passed and I received a phone call asking me to quote on a few more books that they wanted... The order was growing! They were planning on making up packs for each nursery and the order was looking to be around £8,000 - £10,000. At this point, I could hardly contain myself!

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, adding a few more books (300 of each), the final total came to a mahoosive £24,954 after discount! To say I nearly fell off my chair was an understatement! I still can't believe it now - I think it will feel a bit more real when the commission hits my bank account.   
You just never know where something will lead - a simple posting of a catalogue, a few phone calls and emails and an absolutely amazing result.  Whoop whoop!"
Thanks Lisa and congratulations!

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