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Promotions, Bonuses and Achievements (March Results)

16th April 2019

With the following results, we look at the success of our Organisers in terms of sales, recruiting, leadership and earnings achievements, as well as promotions. So who made their mark in March?

Promotions for March

Jody Berry, Karen Jones, Melanie Mitchell, Christina Taylor and Heidi Thomas have all promoted to Group Leader during March. Both Jody and Christina have earned themselves a £300 Rank Advancement Bonus for promoting to the status for the first time - a brilliant achievement!

An incredible 16 Organisers reached Team Leader status this past month! Congratulations to Kayleigh Cardnell, Rowena Corpuz Liwanag, Camilla Culshaw, Amy Giffard, Simone Gracio, Paula Hawkridge and Burza Oana who promoted for the first time, earning them a £120 Rank Advancement Bonus.

Well done to Nicola Marie Condon, who promoted during her Quickstart Programme incentive period, earning herself a £240 Bonus and Gold Level membership on the Business Development Programme.

*For more information about status qualification and bonuses, please see page 19 of the Organiser Handbook.

Top Monthly Earners

The following bonuses are all paid in addition to each Organiser's own sales commission. By working towards them, you can make a real difference to your business.

To highlight the amazing earning potential with Usborne, our latest Top Ten Bonus Earners continue to have a fantastic 2019. Congratulations to Zoë Vobořilová, Maria Scrivens, Sarah Higgs, Sandy Wild, Judy Williams, Kate L'argentKeely Horn, Clare Johnson, Emma Devine and Gabriela Rusu.

The £120+ Mentor Bonus can be earned if Recruits' Sales exceed £2,000 in a given month. March saw 73 Organisers achieve this, with Zoë Vobořilová taking the top spot with £1,586.86.

There were also 78 Organisers who achieved a £120 Team Productivity Bonus, based on Personal Team Sales exceeding £3,600 - what an amazing achievement! 

A fantastic 121 Organisers have earned a Personal Sales Bonus in March, due to their personal sales exceeding £1,200.

Achievement Award Winners

These awards focus on three key elements: Sales, Leadership and Recruiting. Let's see what happened in March:

Sales and Leadership Awards

With over £30,000 in personal sales at the end of March, Zoë Vobořilová continues 2019 as number one in our Top Organiser category. 

Manon Busch takes the top spot of our Top New Organiser category this March, achieving over £9,600 in personal sales since setting out on her Usborne journey.

Nicky Powell is at the top of the table as Top Leader with over £9,600 in personally recruited New Organiser sales, while Stephanie Gibson takes the lead as Top New Team Leader with over £2,600.

Recruiting Awards

The Recruiting Award categories are based on the Quickstart Programme achievements of new Organisers. With 51 points, Francesca Laidlaw is our Top Recruiter for March. Jasmine McInnes is our Top New Recruiter with 18 points.

Find out more about the Achievement Awards criteria and see how you could be in the running for a trip to Galvin at Windows.

If you have any questions about these incentives or the bonuses that you could be earning, please do speak to your Mentor.

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