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2018 Awards Celebration

7th March 2019

Our 2018 Awards Celebration took our winners on a behind the scenes tour of Usborne Publishing in London followed by an evening of glamour and luxury at The Ritz.

Here's our behind the scenes blog of a fantastic day of celebrations:

Hosted by Publishing DirectorJenny Tyler, our day started with our winners being welcomed into the world of Usborne, where Jenny shared the latest publishing trends, and some brand new, not-yet-published titles with them. Jenny talked about up-and-coming titles in much loved series, and gave a real insight into the behind the scenes working of Usborne publishing.

After lunch, our winners were taken on a behind the scenes tour of Usborne Publishing, 

The luxury evening started with champagne in a private dining room at The Ritz. Our Award Winners chatted with Founder and Managing Director of Usborne PublishingPeter Usborne about their businesses and what they had achieved so far. He was thrilled to learn all about the people that make Usborne Books at Home such a success year after year.

Winners and their guests then joined Peter and Jenny, and members of USBAH Head Office for a wonderful meal.

It was a memorable evening to end a day full of celebrations.

Here's what Emma Devine, one of our attendees, thought about the event:

"The awards celebrations was probably one of the best days of my life so far!

Our visit to Usborne Publishing was so interesting - listening to Jenny Tyler’s presentation on the books coming out this year was absolutely fascinating and the tour round afterwards was just so exciting! To see the designers actually sat working on the books that we will be promoting later in the year was such a treat and gave me such a better insight into the process of the books from the initial ideas all the way through to being published. 

Then the evening at The Ritz was just magical! It’s such a beautiful place and to have our own private dining room and be joined by Peter Usborne and Jenny Tyler was really special. 

Meeting Peter was a huge highlight for me - he is just so passionate about the books and what we do and his energy and enthusiasm was infectious!

The whole experience was one I’ll never forget and I would urge everybody to work hard to get into the top three of your chosen category! It’s just an experience that money can’t buy, and aiming towards it builds up your business so much so you can’t lose by trying!" 


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