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Have a roarsome time with this fantastic Dinosaurs set

2nd January 2019

This brilliant set is perfect for young dinosaur fans. Discover lots of different dinosaurs and learn about what they ate, where they lived, which were the biggest and smallest, and more with these fantastic titles.


Usborne First Sticker Book Dinousaurs

Big, small, spiky, swimming and flying - there are lots of dinosaurs to discover in this exciting sticker book! Your children will love placing the stickers on landscapes to create colourful prehistoric scenes with over 100 dinosaur stickers.

Usborne Young Beginners Dinosaurs

This vibrant book is ideal for encouraging young children to read aloud. With colourful illustrations of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Stegosaurus, a Diplodocus and more, 'Dinosaurs' is an enthralling read from start to finish.

Available now for only £7.98 (worth £11.98). Order yours from your local Independent Usborne Organiser today or get in touch.