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The 2019 Travel Incentive

3rd December 2018

Just in case you missed our MD’s announcement, we are so excited to share with you our travel destination for the achievers of our 2019 Travel Incentive.

As a quick recap, the Usborne Books at Home Travel Incentive gives Organisers the chance to jet off to amazing locations around the world, experiencing sheer luxury on an all-expenses paid adventure. Next year’s top incentive will be for Organisers who build and sustain ‘brilliant’ businesses in 2019. Could you be heading up, up and away?

So dust off your sunglasses and, without further ado, find out where you could be exploring:

2019 Travel Incentive video


Excited to know more about what this amazing trip to Cuba has to offer? Let the adventure begin…

Our four night extravaganza starts with a tour of San Cristobal de la Habana where we’ll explore the historic heart of the city, taking in the city’s many grandiose squares before visiting the Captain General’s Museum and the Palace of Arts and Crafts. We’ll then follow the cobbles to Revolution Square, concluding a day of awe-inspiring sightseeing.

Waking up refreshed and energised, we’ll enjoy Havana’s greenery with a morning visit to the lush botanical gardens. Of course, an USBAH adventure needs some bookish culture – from the gardens, we’ll take a trip to Ernest Hemingway’s House at San Francisco de Paula, where he wrote The Old Man and the Sea. And what Cuban experience would be complete without a classic car tour and a cocktail lesson, all set to a salsa soundtrack?!

Recover the next day with an optional excursion to Viñales – known as Cuba’s ‘scenic backyard’ – where you’ll have the opportunity to see some stunning landscapes. Unleash your inner explorer in the famous Indian's Cave (part of the spectacular Santo Tomas cave system) before immersing yourself in even more Cuban culture with a trip to a cigar factory.

With all this excitement it's important to factor in some relaxation time too - rest those weary feet after long days of sightseeing at the fabulous 5-star Parque Central Hotel. We're sure the jacuzzi and rooftop pool will help you board the plane back to London a picture of Caribbean contentment.

How to be there

Are you keen to earn your seat on the plane? Take a look at our Travel Incentive criteria to find out how you can qualify. Remember that we will also have a ‘wildcard prize draw’, which will ensure that all Organisers, no matter how experienced, have the opportunity to join us.

If you would like to join Usborne Books at Home and become an Organiser, contact us. You never know, it could be you jetting off for a Cuban carnival!

Good luck – we hope to see you at the check-in desk!

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