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Reach for the Stars - November Story

29th November 2018

One of the most exciting things about running your own Usborne business is the opportunity to not only share our award-winning books with customers, schools and more, but also to share that same opportunity with others. Our Organisers are able to support countless individuals to write a better story for their families.

In this series of blogs, we will be following the stories of some of our newly promoted Organisers, who may be becoming a leader for the first time, or climbing further up the promotion ladder by expanding their businesses.

We hope that their stories show you that anything is achievable in your Usborne business. Just reach for the stars!

Theresa’s Story

 ‘I started my journey with Usborne four and a half years ago. I have seven year old triplets, so going back to a traditional work routine would have been a bit of a challenge for me!

I made the decision to make Usborne my career and build a business that would provide me with a steady income. I knew from the beginning that to achieve this I would need to develop a team, and developing leaders would be an important part of that.

I always thought that promoting to Divisional Leader would be a difficult task, but really all I had to do was keep doing what I was doing and it happened naturally.

I’m lucky to have an amazing Mentor in Emma Devine. Her positivity and unfaltering determination has rubbed off on me and my team. We have an incredible support network of leaders, both within my direct team and the other teams in our wider division. These amazing Organisers are a never-ending source of enthusiasm and knowledge.

With this support I was able to offer group training and one-to-one mentoring, which has really strengthened and developed our team. I must also say that my team is made up of amazing individuals, so the whole process was made very easy. It has been a pleasure!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all. My top tip for anyone going for promotion is to be patient and consistent. Keep planting and nourishing those seeds and the results will come!’

Congratulations to Theresa for promoting to Divisional Leader. We are incredibly proud of your achievement!