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Usborne Book of the Month - April 2013

2nd April 2013

Human Body Sticker Book

Each month Usborne Books at Home's Marketing Editor, Katy Law, chooses her favourite new title and shares it with us in a Book of the Month blog post.

Katy's pick for April is Human Body Sticker Book:

There are so many exciting new titles due in the next few months, that it's really hard to pick just one to share, but Human Body Sticker Book jumped out at me whilst I was writing about titles to feature on our summer leaflet. 

The human body is such a fascinating structure and children, who are curious by nature, will be delighted by this book which illustrates just what is going on inside their bodies and why.

Scientific terms are used, but explained on a level that children can understand and topics are introduced with simple and intriguing text and lots of interesting factual snippets.

Bright, clear illustrations and photographs of the inner workings of the anatomy bring abstract concepts to life. And on top of all this (my favourite bit...) there are lots of stickers to add to complete the scenes on each page and to create a visual representation of the systems that are at work in our bodies.

But don't be fooled, this is definitely not a text book. It takes science away from the classroom and makes it relevant to everyday life - a wonderful way for children to learn without even realising it!

From bones, to brain power, circulation to cells, digestion and disease - this great book covers everything children will need to know about the body for key stage 1 science (and did I mention that it's lots of fun too?!)

Sounds great, how do I order a copy?

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