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Book of the Month - Science Scribble Book

1st November 2018

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, whether it's the natural world, the solar system, machines, our bodies or technology. Our new Science Scribble Book is perfect for these inquisitive minds, helping to find out about how things work. Investigate forces, turbines, mirror writing, skeletons, animal migration and lots more. 

This write-in activity book is packed with puzzles to solve, objects to design and colour, inventions to brainstorm and experiments to do - using only the book and the contents of your pencil case.  

Each page includes a different scientific subject, helping children to think independently with the use of clever activities and experiments. Test yours and your friends lightening reactions by measuring your reflexes. Design your own turbine to make electricity by thinking of things that spin or turn. Or have fun designing your own robot by thinking about what it will be used for and how it will get around. Let your imagination run wild!   

We love the brightly illustratred pages and child-friendly pictures and diagrams which makes the subject come to life for budding scientists. It is a 'random access' book, enabling the reader to 'dip in and out' as it suits them. Perfect for ages eight and above, this book supports Key Stage Two and STEM learning.

It includes internet links to download the templates for the projects in the book so you don't have to cut up the book. In addition there are links to websites with more activities to do online. 

Science Scribble Book is a fun filled book that is sure to enthuse any child. It provides a great balance between exciting activities and imparting scientific information to bring the world of science into context for young readers. It is the perfect introduction to science for your curious children. 

Order from your local Usborne Organiser or get in touch to place your order.


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