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December Picks for Schools

16th November 2018

Reading Schemes  

Young Reading Series

Ideal for readers growing in confidence, the Young Reading series is divided into four levels that increase in difficulty.

True Stories of Polar Adventure is the latest title in Series 4. This gripping collection of true stories explores the remarkable and dangerous journeys of exploration to the North and South Poles and is great for engaging even the most reluctant reader.


With lots of illustrations and fact-filled text, this series is great for readers who prefer non-fiction.

This month's new addition is Lizards. Discover which lizards swim in the sea, why some lizards change the colour of their skin and how one type of lizard uses its extraordinary blue tongue to stay safe, in this intriguing introduction to the lives of lizards.


English Readers* 

Usborne English Readers are a new series of English language readers for young learners. They can be read either in class or independently in students' own time. Titles include fairy tales, myths and legends and English language classics for all ages. For more information and resources, please check out the English Readers website:

This month's new additions are: Frankenstein, Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty, The Emperor and the Nightingale and The Phantom of the Opera.

*Due to rights restrictions, these titles are currently unavailable in Spain and Portugal