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Book of the Month - Fold-out Solar System

1st October 2018

Usborne's Fold-out Solar System is a detailed and interactive way to explore our Solar System. From facts about the planets, to key terms, to the spacecraft that are exploring the Solar System, this book is perfect for science enthusiastics and children who are fascinated by the world beyond the clouds.

The book can be folded out to show a model of the Solar System on one side. Starting with the sun, the fold-out diagram shows us the different planets in order of their proximity to the sun, as well as the moons of these planets and the spacecraft that are currently exploring them. It provides a scaled down version of the Solar System, so you can really visualise the planets in relation to each other in terms of size and distance. It also tells you the dates that spacecraft were launched to give you a clear picture of how scientists are working to discover more about our Solar System.

We love how the book is full of facts we didn't know, such as how Jupiter's moon Europa may have simple alien sealife living in an ocean layer beneath its surface, or how the discovery of Eris ended Pluto's status as the ninth planet. It's great for dipping in and out of, and for making new discoveries each time you read it.

Each planet comes with a short fact file that tells you its distance from the sun, diameter, the number of moons it has, how long its days are, and how long its years are. Earth provides a great comparison point to the other planets, and it's fascinating to see how different each planet in the Solar System is.

Usborne's Fold-out Solar System is a fact-filled, fascinating title that is sure to interest any science and space fan. Its engaging format is perfect for any reader, and each time of reading it is sure to lead to a new discovery about our Solar System.

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