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Choose Usborne for your School - Reason #7 Parents' Evenings

28th September 2018

We have thousands of Usborne Organisers across the UK and Europe working with schools to inspire a lifelong love of reading in their pupils, and to help teachers and parents to find the very best books for their children.

There are so many reasons why working with an Usborne Organiser can hugely benefit your school and this month we're looking at parents' evenings.

Whilst our Usborne Organisers offer familiar reading events such as book fairs, did you know that they can also support your school at parents' evenings?

Your local Usborne Organiser can bring a pop-up bookshop to your parents' evenings to support parents to act on your recommendations. Whether it's broadening their reading range, extra practise at key skills such as multiplying, adding and subtracting or recommended wider reading for their favourite subject, your Organiser can guide parents to books that will further support their child's learning needs, whatever they may be. Plus, depending on the number of books sold at the parents' evening, your school can receive additional free books of your choice for your library or classrooms.

We spoke to four of our Organisers about how they work with schools on parents' evenings:

Sandy Wild

'Parents' evenings are a great opportunity to support parents and schools at the same time by providing the appropriate books for teachers to recommend. By giving teachers a selection of suitable reference and activity books to look at beforehand, you can create a list of teacher-recommended books for different age groups and display them prominently during the evening. I make two laminated copies of their recommendations so that the teacher has one copy to show parents during their interview as required and I have the other copy with me to match up. Especially popular are easy English, Science and Maths dictionaries and wipe-clean words, grammar pads and flashcards. What could be a more appropriate reward for a student who has excelled than a new book? And the school benefits with every purchase so everyone is happy!' 

Nicky Powell

'I always hold a book fair during the time when the school has its Parent Student Teacher Conferences. The school is shut for the day so I set up in the entrance and that way everyone has to pass me! Parents are keen to buy the books they would like for their children as well as the children also choosing a book. It's a win-win situation. As all parents and children have to pass by me, I get to chat with them all as well as teachers who also pop out to chat and look too during their quieter times. It's relaxed and the school earns a lot of free books from the parents' purchases.'

Heidi Thomas

'I love doing a pop-up bookshop at parents' evenings, because parents generally have more time, than at a book fair after school. They are also focused on which books will support their children's learning and I have more time to give individual advice to customers too. The school also benefits from the free books they can receive as a result of the bookshop.' 

Katie Slingerland

'I love attending parents' evenings with my pop-up book shop, it gives me an excellent opportunity to spend time with each parent to really understand their child's needs, which I don't have time to do at an after school book fair. Parents love being able to reward their child with a book for a great parents' evening, buy topic related books, or be able to buy the necessary resources straight away if there are any areas their child is struggling with.' 

Get in touch to find out more about how your school can benefit from working with Usborne.