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Aiming for St. Petersburg

26th September 2018

Our yearly Travel Incentive is the biggest prize in our Passport to Success Programme and is a fantastic celebration of our Organisers' hardwork and determination to succeed. Each year we travel to an exciting destination and treat some of our Organisers to a much deserved all expenses paid break. 

There is no limit to the number of Organisers who can go on the trip, and there is no limit to the number of trips you can go on, so what's stopping you from aiming to achieve the Travel Incentive year after year?

We spoke to India winner, Gabriela Rusu, about why achieving the Travel Incentive is possible for everyone, and how she's challenging her team to book their place on the plane to St. Petersburg.

'When I first joined Usborne more than three years ago, winning the Travel Incentive was only a dream, wishful thinking. I never realised I would eventually get there only by making better plans, working harder and dreaming bigger.

India has never been on my travel list, and I love to travel, but winning the India Travel Incentive made me realise that I can achieve more, that going to unexpected places can actually be the most interesting thing that this activity can offer.

Being an Independent Usborne Organiser is amazing, and now that I had such a great time in India, I cannot wait to achieve the St. Peterburg Travel Incentive as well. I am almost there, one more step to go, and I continuously encourage my team to go for it, to overcome their fears and limits and to dream big! We have a challenge in our group now, which will bring all of us what we want. I challenged them to promote to Team Leader so that their name will be in the wild card draw! I want my Romanian colleagues to join me further in this amazing adventure.

See you in St. Petersburg! I am hoping to see old and new faces there from the Usborne team and to have a blast!'

Inspired by Gabriela's story and want to know how you can book your place on the plane? Find out all about our travel criteria here.