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Reach for the Stars - September Story

25th September 2018

The exciting thing about running your own Usborne business, is the opportunity to not only share our award-winning books with customers, schools and more, but also to share that same opportunity with others. Our Organisers are able to support countless individuals to write a better story for their families.

In this series of blogs, we will be following the stories of some of our newly promoted Organisers, who may be becoming a leader for the first time, or climbing further up the promotion ladder by expanding their businesses.

We hope that their stories show you that anything is achievable in your Usborne business. Just reach for the stars!

Alina's Story

'I started my journey into the wonderful world of books because of a friend who knows how fascinated my little daughter is at the sight of a book, and who led me to the magical world of Usborne books.

Shortly after I became an Independent Usborne Organiser, I began setting goals as clear and time-defined as possible. I also stuck closely to the goals of the Quickstart Programme, and used these incentives as a driving force behind pushing my business forward. I am an ambitious person and achieved all of the goals set by the Quickstart Programme in the early stages of my business.

My promotion is due to the success of my whole team, who I have a very close relationship with due to good communication. I was also really happy that my promotion coincided with my one-year Usborne anniversary - a real anniversary gift!

The secret I would say, is that it is first and foremost about ambition and perseverance - and if you sprinkle both these things with a little bit of luck, then you'll find success.'


Congratulations to Alina for promoting to Group Leader. We are incredibly proud of your achievement!