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Focus on - Receiving support with your Usborne business

3rd April 2013

Usborne Organiser, Kate Hampton

Usborne Organiser Kate Hampton shares her Focus on story:

"I've been an Usborne Organiser for three months, after joining in January 2013, and I am currently working as a primary school teacher four days a week and using my spare day, evenings and weekends to focus on my Usborne business.

Being an Organiser is so flexible and you can make it what you want; you really are your own boss and have control. Since I joined I've had great support and advice from my Team Leader, Tracy Hickson, as well as the rest of the team. We share ideas and there is always someone to ask if you have a query. I can set my own targets and decide how much time I am going to spend on Usborne and I am given guidance every step of the way.

I've received lots of valuable training and this has given me the chance to meet lots of new people. I feel confident that I am going to promote to Team Leader and will then be able to dedicate more time to my Usborne business (my aim is to teach three days a week and spend two days doing Usborne). I will then be well equipped to share my experience with other people and help them achieve their goals too.

My top tip when starting out is to talk to as many people as possible before your Starter Kit arrives, you can never have too many contacts and the first six weeks are a really important time to establish a support network and customer base."

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