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Choose Usborne for your School - Reason #6 Knowledge of Fiction

30th August 2018

We have thousands of Usborne Organisers across the UK and Europe working with schools to inspire a lifelong love of reading in their pupils, and to help teachers and parents to find the very best books for their children.

There are so many reasons why working with an Usborne Organiser can hugely benefit your school and this month we're looking at fiction. With a huge range of award-winning titles to suit all ages, Usborne's fiction can enthuse everyone from newly confident readers, to reluctant readers, to those older readers looking to challenge themselves in their fiction choices.

From talking to teachers and school librarians, we know that there are a number of issues that children face when choosing a book, from an over-reliance on familiar authors, to a dislike of reading altogether, to struggling to find a book with a character that is just like them. We also know that teachers and librarians can't possibly read every book out there, and that is where your Usborne Organiser comes in.

Your local Usborne Organiser will be able to take the time to speak to your pupils individually and to help them to find a fiction title that matches their age and interests. They can provide you with seasonal fiction guides that showcase all Usborne's latest titles and include recommendations for what to read next. They can also recommend great class reads to stretch and challenge your students, as well as teacher resources to go with these, and if your school's budget can't stretch to this, they can also help you to fundraise for the books you really want your students to read.

We spoke to three of our Organisers about how they work with schools to promote a love of reading:

Jane Ireland

'I've hosted quite a few school book fairs and I find the trick with fiction is to verbally give a brief outline of the book to children before they read the blurb. I find that recommendations, particularly with older boys (and sometimes girls), get them to look at and choose fiction when they might have chosen non-fiction instead, or nothing at all.

I work regularly with different schools, and I always keep them updated when sequels are released to titles that their pupils have particularly enjoyed. I find that this creates a buzz around reading, and encourages children to look out for new fiction releases.'

Dionne Lakey

'I often attend parents' evenings at the schools I work with, which are then usually followed by a book fair. I am able to talk about different types of fiction relevant to each age group, then when the children visit the book fair during parents' evening, they are able to talk with their parents and myself about a book they are into. It's always really rewarding when I visit the same school later in the year and the children tell me how much they loved the books that I recommended.

I've also talked about reading for pleasure at a Teachers' Conference, and have enjoyed hosting assemblies for children talking about my favourite books. I find that by showing passion for different titles, children are keen to read them and find out for themselves why they are so fantastic.

I've also helped schools to fundraise for new class sets and loved every minute of it.'

Nicky Powell

'One of the great qualities of an Usborne Organiser is our knowledge of the books and ability to recommend the best ones for each pupil. Through my knowledge of the extensive Usborne range, I am able to find the right books more quickly for parents and children wanting recommendations.  By chatting to them I can quickly find a perfect fiction book, which is so much easier to do when you have read each book and can really express how brilliant they are. I also print out book reviews for lots of the titles to help children to make a more informed choice, and add my own additional thoughts to these.

As a former teacher, I am often reading books which I immediately think would be suitable as class reads or group study books. Couple this knowledge with the fantastic resources Usborne produce for schools and the opportunities we have for group book discussions with other Organisers and authors, gives us a huge advantage.

I've also worked with schools with a not-yet-published title, allowing children the opportunity to read a new book before anyone else does - surely a brilliant way to promote reading for pleasure!'

Want to know more about how our Organisers can work with you?

Contact your local Usborne Organiser today to talk about how they can promote reading for pleasure at your school and how they can help you to choose the books that your pupils will really love. Your Organiser can also explain the discounts they can offer you for a school order, and how they can help you to fundraise for new books.

Find your nearest Organiser by typing your school's postcode in here: or email to be put into contact with an Organiser.