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Fiction Book of the Month - Broken Sky

31st August 2018

In Amity's 'perfect' world, war is illegal, and global disputes are solved fairly by Peacefighters - the most respected of all people and the best pilots in the world.

Amity has always dreamt of being a Peacefighter like her father, and when she makes it, she swears that she will do everything she can to uphold the honour of her profession, and to defend the rights of her country to the best of her ability.

But when peacefights start to result in deaths, and fights seem to end in a way that always benefits the Central States (run by dictator Gunnison), Amity starts to question whether the world she lives in is really as honourable as it claims to be. And the more that she investigates, the more that she begins to believe that something much less peaceful is at the center of all international disputes.

As her suspicions grow, Amity's place in the world becomes increasingly precarious, and everyone she thought she could trust seems to be leading a double life that she could never have predicted. Amity knows that she needs to tell the world about the truth behind the peacefights, but who can she tell when those with the most power seem to be those most plagued by corruption?

Broken Sky is the first title in a sensational triology set in a dystopian version of 1940s America. It will have you questioning everyone and everything as you follow Amity in her quest to find out the truth behind the world she lives in.

Like any great dystopian novel, what is perhaps most gripping about Broken Sky is how believable the world L.A. Weatherly has created is. It is easy to see how one person's control can shape a world, and how fear can lead everyone to follow an oppressive regime. Whilst Broken Sky won't leave you with a happy ending, it will leave you with an insatiable hunger to find out what happens next.

Here's what our Organisers thought about it:

'Broken Sky is a perfect first book of a wonderful trilogy. The distorted 1940s world is completely immersive and draws you in from the first page. The characters are easy to relate to and they make you want to root for them (for all the wrong or right reasons!)

Amity is a strong, believable heroine who is a fantastic role model for teenage girls who want to help make the world a better place. Her love for her brother shines through, as well as how much she values friendship and community within the team of pilots.

There's a huge sense of good vs evil in the book, made slightly more complicated by the fact that you're never quite sure who's actually good or evil... Ultimately, it sets you up perfectly for the rest of the trilogy and it comes with a kicker of a twist at the end!' - Francesca Nixon

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