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Snuggle up with Just So Stories for Little Children

17th August 2018

Make storytime extra special with this beautifully illustrated collection.

Have you ever wondered why kangaroos are so jumpy, why the camel is so humpy, or how leopards got their spots? Six wonderfully illustrated tales have been specially adapted in this collection of Rudyard Kipling's delightful 'Just So' stories.

Includes: How the Elephant got his Trunk, How the Leopard got his Spots, How the Rhinoceros got his Skin, How the Whale got his Throat, How the Camel got his Hump and Why the Kangaroo Jumps.

Available now for only £8.99 (worth £12.99). Order yours from your local Independent Usborne Organiser today or get in touch.

Please note - this special offer is not available in France, Italy or Spain due to fixed book price policy restrictions.