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Book Review - Stoat on Stage (The Travels of Ermine)

9th August 2018

Ermine is back! And this time she's ready for an adventure down-under...

When Ermine arrives in Sydney she's very excited! She can't wait to have fun in the sun, climb Sydney Harbour Bridge, and meet the world's greatest opera singer, Sylvia Lungstrom (who she happens to be staying with!).

Sylvia is also very excited to meet Ermine. Her eight-year-old granddaughter, Butterfly is staying with her for the holidays, and she's sure that Ermine and Butterfly will become best friends! Plus, she's entered them in for Australia's Most Awesome Animal Show and she knows they'll have the best fun doing it!

But last year's winner of Australia's Most Awesome Animal Show, Winifred Winnit, is determined to retain her title, and isn't afraid to win it by any means necessary - even if that means getting rid of the competition.

So when Ermine attracts media attention from saving Butterfly from falling from Sydney Harbour Bridge, Winifred knows that she is a real threat to her chances of winning the show, and plots to find a way to ensure that Ermine can't possibly win...

Full of fun and starring our favourite sassy stoat, Stoat on Stage is the perfect summer book for readers looking for lots of laughs and a great adventure down-under! We can't wait to see where Ermine travels to next!

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