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Book Review - Theatrical

20th August 2018

Maggie Harcourt is back with another brilliant rom-com, this time taking us behind the scenes, because all the best action happens back-stage.

Hope's dream is to work in the theatre, so when she gets offered an incredible internship working at one of the country's top theatres, she can't wait to get started. But Hope's mother is a big name in the showbiz world, and Hope is determined to succeed on her own merits alone, even if it means keeping her internship a secret from her family.

Hope soon discovers that she isn't interning on just any play, but on the theatre adaptation of the bestselling novel Piecekeepers (something that should please any fan of Unconventional!), with a cast that includes Hollywood Star, Tommy Knight. Hope is forced to keep this information secret from her friends, and soon finds herself tangled in a whole web of lies.

But the real star of the show in Hope's eyes is Tommy's understudy, Luke. Hope is completely drawn to him, and even though she's been warned by her boss, Amy, to keep all relationships strictly professional, Hope can't help but fall for Luke. And as their relationship progresses, he shows that he understands her better than anyone has before.

As the play rapidly approaches opening night, life backstage really heats up. And with a Hollywood Star to keep happy, a very valuable prop to keep safe, and a very big secret to keep from her family, Hope struggles to balance all the different elements of her life. The show must go on, but will the play be over for Hope before the lights go up on the opening night?

Theatrical is the ultimate novel for theatre geeks. Prepare to embrace a whole world behind the curtains, and to fall in love with a romance that is better than any Hollywood performance.


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