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Organiser of the Month - Lisa Erricker

31st July 2018

Running your own business isn't easy, and running successful events can be even harder! July's Organiser of the Month has built up a business around a busy teaching career and has been able to overcome multiple obstacles at different events to ensure that each event was a success and that negatives were always turned into positives.

Lisa was nominated by her mentor Victoria Billington:

"Lisa has just delivered £1000 of books to a local primary school after a successful RSR! But only because of her hard work and excellent attitude - it almost didn't happen as the busy school forgot to hand out sponsor forms after the initial launch assembly Lisa delivered. Determined not to be deterred, and as a busy teacher herself who understands how busy school life can be, Lisa continued to work closely with the school and offer excellent customer service, supporting them to relaunch and make the event a great success. I know they are so excited about all the great new fiction for their children.

Lisa faced another hurdle recently when a fayre she had had booked for a while accidently double booked and had two Organisers. Instead of cancelling or leaving early, Lisa found ways to offer something different to the other Organiser so they could both have a great event. She hosted a magic painting table for the children and promoted her online book club for adults reading the YA fiction. She came away with orders and potentially a future RSR booking, and also inspired the team by stepping out of her comfort zone and sharing a live video with us about what worked for her at the event and how to turn challenges into positives.

Lisa is a busy teacher working around her other commitments, but with an excellent attitude and positive mindset, she is making Usborne work for her, and inspiring the rest of the team! She continues to encourage everyone in our team and wider division, and I know one day she will be a fantastic Team Leader."

Lisa shares her Usborne story with us:

"I've been a teacher for nearly ten years and still love being in the classroom, but made the difficult decision in 2017 to reduce my hours to give myself a little more work-life balance. I've seen so many colleagues become ill and burn out, and I didn't want that to be me. I'd bought some books from Victoria previously for my nephews, and followed her Usborne journey, and it really struck a chord with me - I loved the idea that Usborne could help me to top up my now part-time earnings by working from home, as well as being a project outside of school just for me. I already knew that I loved the books, and when I found out about the school benefits I was really excited to use my teaching contacts to help get lots of books into schools too!

I joined in August 2017, during the summer holidays when I had more time to plan, attend a few events and get my business going. It was a really exciting time, and I was full of ideas and enthusiasm! I managed to hit my kit boost and kit refund, spurred on by the thought of working with schools. I always knew that it was going to be harder to keep going through term-time though, but after a couple of amazing mentoring calls with Victoria, I started to put some plans in place to make sure that I was active and getting sales every month, even when working. In October, I started an online book club using the Young Adult fiction range and this continues to grow every month - for me, running this online fits well around my job, and I know I have regular orders coming in. It also makes me read more myself, and I love that I can recommend books to the teenagers I work with too. As well as running the book club, I try to schedule online parties during half terms or holidays, and schedule 2-3 social media posts each week so that I am keeping in touch with my customers and followers even when I'm busy.

My absolute highlight of my journey so far though has been delivering my first Ready Steady Read order to a local junior school. It wasn't easy getting there, especially with a setback in November when the RSR didn't go ahead that month as planned, but having kept in contact with the school, I was so excited to deliver their bumper book order this month. If I've learned anything in my first year with Usborne, it's that staying positive and taking small steps makes the world of difference. We all come across setbacks and unexpected difficulties, but it's definitely how we deal with them that matters, and we never do it alone - I'm part of a fantastic team with so much enthusiasm, and we are all here to support each other. By staying positive and just keeping on taking those small steps, I'm confident that my business will continue to grow, and I'm excited to see where it will take me."

Congratulations Lisa! A copy of our July Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

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