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Focus on - A part time Usborne business

4th March 2013

Andrea Hardy

Andrea started her Usborne business in January (barely 7 weeks ago) and has already got off to a fantastic start.

A mother to 3-year old twin boys, Andrea works part-time as a nurse advisor for 111.

"I really enjoyed nursing but wanted a new and exciting challenge which I could work around my children. The idea of running my own business selling Usborne books appealed as both my children and I thoroughly love the books.

I became an Usborne Organiser in January and achieved my first goal of a "Kit Boost" within three weeks and then went on to reach my second goal of a "Kit Refund" after only six weeks."

Achieving both these incentives early on meant that Andrea not only received a £50 pack of stationery and books to help her boost her business but she was also refunded her initial joining fee, meaning her Usborne start-up costs were nil.

"I did not start Usborne to make money but as a hobby really as I thoroughly enjoy the books and have a keen interest in meeting people with a similar passion. I have found people to be very happy with the books and parties are booked through word of mouth"

Andrea believes the product really speaks for itself and her top tip is to "enjoy it and the rest is easy."

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