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Book Review - A Darkness of Dragons

28th August 2018

Join Patch Brightwater and his friends Wren the rat, and Barver the dracogriff, on the adventure of a lifetime that will take them from the dungeons of Tiviscal, to magical Marwheel Abbey, to the mountains of Gemspar and beyond in their quest to save the world from the catastrophic End of the Skies.

Young piper, Patch Brightwater is in big trouble. Having run away from his training with the Custodian Elite, he then plays an illegal song and is imprisoned by the Piper's Council, sentenced to spend the rest of his days in a dungeon cell.

And as if that damning sentence wasn't enough, Patch's prison neighbour is none other than the notorious Hamelyn Piper. The Hamelyn Piper's screams rattle right through the dungeon walls, and Patch can't imagine spending the rest of his days listening to his shouts of 'Aye' over and over again.

The only saving grace for Patch is his new friend Wren, the rat. Wren too is imprisoned, but not in the same way that Patch is. Cursed by a sorcerer, Wren is sentenced to spend the rest of her days as a rat, unable to return to her human form.

Until one day, Wren sees a flock of birds approaching the dungeons. As the flock gets closer and closer it becomes clear that it isn't birds at all, but a darkness of dragons bringing trouble to Tiviscan Castle. Shouting war cries, the dragons descend on the dungeons, breaking through its walls in their desperation to reap their justice on the Hamelyn Piper. For it wasn't just human children that the Piper lured away never to be seen again, but dragon children too.

Freed at last, by the destruction of the dragons, Patch and Wren are set to make their escape. But before they leave, Patch comes face to face with the Hamelyn Piper himself, who hasn't been shouting 'Aye' all this time, but 'I'. His last words to Patch are: 'I am not the Piper of Hamelyn', before he is incinerated by the dragons. The only one to hear a dying man's words, Patch is desperate not to believe them, because if they were true, it would mean the evil Hamelyn Piper was still out there, waiting to strike again. If they were true, it would mean Patch was the only one who knew the true danger that their world was in...

A Darkness of Dragons is the first novel in a sensational new series by S.A. Patrick. It is full of magic and enchantment, friendship and bravery, mystery and fantasy, but most of all it's full of adventure. Join Patch, Wren and Barver on a quest that you will never forget!


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