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Book of the Month - All about Families

2nd July 2018

All about Families is a beautiful exploration of family diversity, and is perfect for teaching your children that families come in all different shapes and sizes. With delightful illustrations throughout, simple text, speech bubbles and questions, there are plenty of look and talk about opportunities for you and your children. Each page looks at a different element of family life and gives plenty of examples for how different families live their lives differently.

The book starts with showing us lots of different types of families, from same sex parents, to mixed race families, to single parent families, to families of one person and their animals. The thoughtful illustrations show children that every family is normal, and there isn't one type of family that everyone should be in. The next page then shows us that families don't all have to look the same, or have the same interests, or even speak the same language to be a family. There is then a section prompting children to talk about their own family and to draw a picture of them like the examples they are given.

As time passes, families may change in lots of different ways, and this can be hard for children to understand. The book sensitively explores common changes to a family such as a new baby, the death of a family member, or what happens when parents separate and form relationships with new partners. It reassures children that their family will always be their family even if it changes as time goes on.

Our favourite page is 'What is a family for?', where there are lots of examples of all the ways in which people in families look after and help each other, from the lovely pictures that they draw, to bedtime stories, to cooking dinner. The page helps children to see all the different little things that families do that are special, and encourages them to think of the special ways that the people in their family help each other.

All about Families is a sweet and thoughtful exploration of all the different elements that make up a family, and a glorious celebration of family in all its diverse forms. It's full of discussion and activity prompts and each page encourages children to consider a different aspect of family life. It's a wonderful way to teach your children about the importance of family in all its forms. 

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