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Putting on The Ritz - Top New Recruiter

29th June 2018

Running throughout the year (January - December 2018), our Achievement Awards are given to our Top Sellers, Recruiters, Organisers, Mentors and Leaders for both new and established Organisers.

We are thrilled that on Friday 22nd February 2019, we will be inviting the top three Organisers in each of the six categories to join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of Usborne Publishing at Usborne House in London, followed by an exclusive dinner in a private dining room at the world-famous five-star luxury hotel - The Ritz, and an overnight stay at the Washington Mayfair hotel!

This month we spoke to one of our potential 2018 winners, Enikő Marthá, who is currently in third place in our Top New Recruiter category. 

Enikő has worked incredibly hard to build up her business, through focusing on mentoring her team and the importancing of sharing Usborne's wonderful books with as many children as possible, here's her story:

'When I joined Usborne at the beginning, I didn't know much about the Achievement Awards that are running throughout 2018. This huge new Usborne world is built up from a thousand tiny parts that I discover with each new working day.

I have the best mentor ever (Zoë Vobořilová), who aims to achieve the stars, and shows us the path to follow her. She provides us daily inspiration through her own brilliant business, and it fuels us to keep raising our own goals and expectations.

As I am now a mentor myself, I know that one of the most difficult parts of this job is to help my team members to understand all the different parts of their Usborne Business, and all the different incentives they have to succeed. I write Business with a capital 'B', because it is so much more than a normal career or job. It is some kind of awareness of life, and my mission is to bring real value into children's lives with these books. That is what I would like to pass on to my Team Members.

For me it is very important for my team to see and feel on their own that glowing energy that comes from those who are buying our books, and that they are also full of enthusiasm for them. This is what I think the key to success is in the Achievement Awards.' 

We are very excited to be able to celebrate the successes of more Organisers than ever next year, and can't wait to shout about all your amazing achievements for 2018!

Want to know how you can join us at The Ritz in 2019? Find out more about our Achievement Awards criteria here.