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Up, Up and Away - The Wildcard

26th June 2018

Our yearly Travel Incentive is the biggest prize in our Passport to Success Programme and is a fantastic celebration of our Organisers' hardwork and determination to succeed. Each year we travel to an exciting destination and treat some of our Organisers to a much deserved all expenses paid break. 

Every year we open up our incentive to a wildcard winner. To get an entry into the wildcard draw, you need to be promoted to a Team Leader, and if you get paid at that status (or above) for every month after that promotion (must be a first time promotion), you will get an entry for each of those months (as long as you are paid a leader in December). The more entries you have, the more chance you have of being the winner! Repromoted to Team Leader? You will get one entry into our wildcard draw. All you have to make sure you do, is be paid as a Team Leader in December.

So what does being a potential wildcard winner feel like, and how could you increase your chances of going to St.Petersburg in 2019? We spoke to potential wildcard winner Jo Simons about how she is working hard to increase her chances of winning.

'I would love to go as a wildcard entry to St. Petersburg, so in order to try to qualify as a Team Leader each month to get more wildcard entries, I have adjusted the way I work. I'm trying to create working processes for all areas of my business, and am learning to do this by listening to and seeing what other Organisers do for their business processes for things like supporting their team, working with schools and supporting new starters through QuickStart. I'm also learning how to coach my team rather than just tell them the answers to things as this helps to empower them to find the answers and successfully grow their businesses more and more.

I'm also trying to increase my own personal sales volume to £600 each month as a goal, which is massively out of my comfort zone, but actually I have realised has been achievable with the right action plan each month. I think another has been to really push with recruiting and aiming to recruit at least two people each month, which I definitely have to work at as it doesn't come naturally to me, but I'm gaining support from my mentor and upline and also through my Business Development calls with Becky Budd in order to try to achieve this more consistently.

I think a big thing is also trying to remain positive. Things don't always work out how we hope they might; there will always be bumps along the road of our Usborne journey, but it's how we deal with those bumps and what lens we look at them through which will shape what kind of Usborne Organiser we will be.

I'm hoping that all of these things will help me qualify as a Team Leader each month and gain more entries into the wildcard pick for the Travel Incentive.'

Inspired by Jo's determination? It's not too late to book your place on the plane to visit the incredible St. Petersburg! Focus on your business goals and through developing strong and sustainable strategies, you could find yourself being picked as the wildcard winner for this all expenses paid trip. Find out more about our travel criteria here.