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Choose Usborne for your School - Reason #4 Knowledge of Non-Fiction

27th June 2018

We have thousands of Usborne Organisers across the UK and Europe working with schools to inspire a lifelong love of reading in their pupils, and to help teachers and parents to find the very best books for their children.

Every month we explore a different reason why creating a partnership with an Usborne Organiser can hugely benefit you and your school. From free and discounted books for your school, to planning personalised reading events to suit you, to recommending the best books for each age range, an Usborne Organiser can be an invaluable support to you and your school.

This month we're looking at non-fiction. With a huge range of award-winning titles, Usborne is sure to have a book to support your pupils with their topic work, whatever the subject. With engaging content and a variety of presentation styles, our non-fiction titles are perfect supporting and extending the work you do in class.

Your local Usborne Organiser will be able to advise you on a whole range of titles to support your topic work, and can tailor their recommendations to the ages and abilities of your class. They can even help you to fundraise for new books so you don't have to spend your valuable school budget on them.

We spoke to three of our Organisers about how they work to support schools with their topic work:

Anna Koe

'I often advise schools on how our non-fiction range can support their learning. Popular topics seem to be London, the Egyptians and the Romans in particular. It's great to be able to go back to a teacher with ideas such as the Egyptian Echo and other historical magazines that they may be unaware of to help make their learning more engaging.

Our knowledge can help schools to create class sets of books across the key stages that can be used again and again. Then, with a little bit of fundraising, we can focus on completely new topics such as science or Shakespeare, and begin to build up the class sets again.'

Beth O'Donovan

'Schools often ask me for books relating to a particular topic. I help them to come up with a list of books focusing on one topic, and then a range of titles to supplement that learning by branching out into other topics. Usborne's Beginners range is great for curious children that are keen to link topics together.

Egyptians, castles and how things grow seem to be popular topics, so I've become very familiar with the range of titles we offer in relation to these!'

Heidi Thomas

'I've spent lots of time working with schools on the topics that they are studying, and have just finished compiling final books lists with two schools based on their class work. One school asked for books on extreme weather and electricity, as well as titles from our reading scheme. The other gave me a list of topics they were covering and asked me to recommend a range of suitable books. 

Every school is different and I love working with each and every school to find the books that will work for them and their pupils.'

Want to know more about how our Organisers can work with you?

Contact your local Usborne Organiser today to find out which books they would recommend based on the topics your class are studying. Your Organiser can also explain the discounts they can offer you for a school order, and how they can help you to fundraise for new books.

Find your nearest Organiser by typing your school's postcode in here: or email to be put into contact with an Organiser.