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Book Review - Aliens Invaded My Talent Show

25th June 2018

Eric Doomsday loves doing magic tricks. And whilst his best friend Vinnie Mumbles thinks they're brilliant, somehow Eric's tricks always end up going a little bit wrong.

But when Eric and Vinnie are invited to the most popular girl in school's birthday party, and her magician cancels last minute, Eric knows that it's time for his magic to shine. At first, his card tricks are going down a treat, and Eric feels like this might finally be the moment that his popularity changes, and then it all goes wrong. An overenthusiastic coin flourish sends a five-tiered, multicoloured cake flying, and Eric is once again the laughing stock of the school.

Returning to school after the weekend, Eric's Headteacher announces that the year 6 students will be putting on a talent show for school inspectors as part of the first Dreary Inkling Primary School Festival aka DRIPSFEST. Given just two days to perfect their acts, Eric knows that magic will be his only option, but after the disaster at Hattie's birthday party, Eric is preparing himself for yet more social humiliation.

The day of DRIPSFEST dawns and the school inspectors arrive to judge the talent show, but something isn't right about them. With their dodgy '80s fashion sense and strange names, they certainly didn't seem like normal school inspectors. They seemed a bit... alien.

As the talent show goes from bad to worse, it's left to Eric and his magic to save the day, but with a bad track record and all the pressure on his shoulders, can Eric's magic do something special, or will it be yet another disaster?

Aliens Invaded My Talent Show is a hilarious new novel from the author of the Compton Valance series, Matt Brown. If you're looking for a fun, easy read that will have you laughing from start to finish, then this is definitely the book for you!

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