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July Picks for Schools

15th June 2018

Reading Schemes

First Reading Series

Specially written for children just starting to learn to read, the First Reading series is divided into four levels that increase in difficulty.

This month's new titles are retellings of the classic fairy tales Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.

Beginners Plus

With lots of illustrations and fact-filled text, this series is great for readers who are growing in confidence and prefer non-fiction. This month's new title is Cycling.

Find out what different types of competitive cyclists wear, how they train, and what rules they must follow in a book that covers everything from mountain biking to the Tour de France. 


With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition, Usborne's Phonics Readers are specially designed to develop essential language skills and early reading.

This month, we have a new phonics collection that comes with a CD to listen along to. It includes phonics favourites such as Chimp with a Limp, Hyena Ballerina and Seal at the Wheel in the collection Giraffe in the Bath and Other Tales.


Our diverse fiction list is full of incredible characters and unputdownable plots, ideal for engaging any reader. 

Middle Grade Fiction

Eric Doomsday loves doing magic tricks. But even though his best friend, Vinnie Mumbles, thinks they're great, they do always seem to go a bit...wrong. When some very important School Inspectors threaten to close down Eric's school, his headmistress decides to put on a talent show. A talent show with Eric in it. And Eric's magic tricks. Prepare for some laugh-a-minute fun with Aliens Invaded My Talent Show.

When Eddy Stone meets an alien cat on a mission to destroy earth, his rainy weekend suddenly takes off. Shooting into outer space with his annoying cousin Millie, can Eddy stop the crazy kitty? Count down to a side-splitting adventure with Eddy Stone and the Alien Cat Attack.

When Eddy Stone finds a pirate in his gran's bath, his miserable summer holiday turns into a treasure hunt. Setting sail in a ship-shaped shed, crewed by an old lady and a grumpy penguin, what could possibly stop him? All aboard for Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Adventure.

Mary Ann's greatest wish is to become an opera singer, and she's thrilled when the famous child prodigy Mozart comes to perform with his sister in Chelsea. But in a sudden twist of fate, Mary Ann must leave her Boarding School of Young Ladies, and her singing dreams are shattered. Can she come up with a plan to stay at school in Girls with a Voice?

The main reason this book is so dangerous is that it concerns a secret. A big secret. It's funny the way secrets work. If you don't know about a secret, it doesn't bother you. You go about your business without a care in the world. But once you know there's a secret, suddenly you're dying to know what the secret is. Find out ours in The Name of this Book is Secret.

Young Adult Fiction

Hope is happiest out of the spotlight, working backstage at her local theatre, so she can't believe her luck when she lands a top internship on a major show. Hope has to prove she's got what it takes. But with a big secret and so much buzz around the show, it isn't long before Hope finds herself centre stage... Theatrical is the perfect read for all theatre geeks.



Over thirty of the world's best-known, best-loved pictures have been chosen for this fascinating introduction to art. With facts about the artists and information on how they created their work, Usborne Children's Book of Art would be a great addition to any school library or art classroom.

Home Learning

Usborne Key Skills 

Written to support the National Curriculum, our Key Skills series is ideal for helping children to gain confidence in the skills they are learning at school, and is perfect for providing that extra support at home. 

This month's titles are: Dividing Practice Pad 6-7, Grammar and Punctuation Practice Pad 6-7, Spelling Practice Pad 5-6  and Subtracting Practice Pad 5-6