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Awards Blog

29th May 2018

Running throughout the year (January - December 2018), our Achievement Awards are given to our Top Sellers, Recruiters, Organisers, Mentors and Leaders for both new and established Organisers.

We are thrilled that on Friday 22nd February 2019, we will be inviting the top three Organisers in each of the six categories to join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of Usborne Publishing at Usborne House in London, followed by an exclusive dinner in a private dining room at the world-famous five-star luxury hotel - The Ritz!

This month we spoke to one of our 2017 winners, Sarah McDade, who is currently in the running in both the Top Leader and Top Recruiter categories. In 2017, Sarah won the Top New Recruiter category, and has built up a strong business and team, that is clearly evident in her success so far in 2018.

So what makes Sarah so successful? There is no magic formula to this, but one thing Sarah has maintained is her consistency. Each month she has focused on strengthening her team and building it up through new recruits. Sarah's clear strategy and focus has taken her business from strength to strength, here's her story:

'When I joined Usborne last March, I didn't pay much attention to the awards to be honest, as I had no intention of recruiting and thought the other award categories were completely out of my reach. How wrong I was. Around September time, Sarah Higgs messaged me asking if I realised I was Top New Recruiter, and said that she was sure I would win if I continued recruiting the way I was. That was when I really realised I could win this award and it drove me to continue recruiting (not that I had any intention of stopping!).

I have the best fun recruiting and mentoring and watching my team grow and reach their potential. My main focus is building my team up, which also involves recruiting and mentoring. I chat daily to my team on my team Facebook page, and watching them find the confidence to recruit is amazing. We have also done a lot of work this year on pushing boundaries and facing our fears which has been really good fun and I do feel so proud watching my team achieve things they never thought possible.

Receiving my award in London was amazing. It was a truly magical night - to start the meal sitting between Peter Usborne and Jenny Tyler was just awesome! I would absolutely LOVE to attend the awards again.

Thank you Usborne and thank you to my amazing team team who make me so proud every day.' 

We are very excited to be able to celebrate the successes of more Organisers than ever next year, and can't wait to shout about all your amazing achievements for 2018!

Want to know how you can join us at The Ritz in 2019? Find out more about our Achievement Awards criteria here.