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Organiser of the Month - Kate Mulvey

25th May 2018

Our Organisers balance their Usborne careers around lots of other commitments, from other jobs, to children, to family responsibilities. May's Organiser of the Month has come up with different strategies to balance her Usborne career around her demanding job, in order to make her business work its best for her.

Kate was nominated by her mentor Kate L'argent:

"Kate works four days a week in a demanding job and so struggles to fit in her Usborne Free Prize Draw follow ups after meeting people at events.

In January, after a chat about how she could best manage her available time - often only a few minutes on days she works - she started contacting just one person a day. She put her draw slips into order of priority and had them ready so she didn't waste time procrastinating. Then simply worked through the pile contacting just one person a day either by phone or email as had been arranged. If they answered the phone, great, if they didn't they went to the bottom of the pile for re-contact and her daily task was achieved!

How many of us have put that kind of plan into place and followed it for a week or two and then for one reason or another let it lapse? My admiration for Kate is that she stuck at it! I know she got a party booking, I think a school booking too, and in April her phone call was rewarded with a potential recruit saying yes, she'd like to meet and find out more!

Kate is determined to achieve her Team Leader goal, she's quietly friendly, always smiley, supportive, and is becoming a great mentor."

Kate shares her Usborne story with us:

"I have been an Usborne Organiser for over three years now. I joined through Kate L'argent, to earn some extra money as I am a single parent. I love the books and the flexibility of this business and I fit it in around my four days a week part time job. Kate has been a very supportive mentor to me ever since.

Last year, however, I became very frustrated. I was keen to recruit some new team members, in order to grow my income and felt I was spending a lot of time on the business, without achieving that goal. When I reflected on this, at the end of the year, I realised that I was not spending as much time following up my contacts as I thought. I felt my priorities and balance of focus was not in keeping with the goal I set myself. I also felt that I was not getting any response from emails, so I needed to focus more time on talking to my contacts when following up.

Earlier this year, I decided to try out a new idea, which I called my "One A Day". I had plenty of contacts from my Free Prize Draw Slips and decided to organise them, then work through them by phoning one a day (as a minimum). When I discussed it with my upline Kate L'argent, she suggested a way of organising the slips into a folder, subdivided into different sections (one for each month of the year). In addition, I decided to use a notebook to record my follow up conversations in more detail.

After I speak to each individual, I make a note in my notebook and move the FPDS accordingly e.g. into another section (month) for follow up, or rip it up if no further contact is requested. Each month, I have a "new" selection of contacts to follow up, as agreed.

I have also made better use of my diary at events, so that I can instantly agree a follow up call with any potential new Organiser.

The whole process takes very little time (5-10 minutes a day) and I feel much more organised. Although it takes so little of my time, I feel my focus of balance has shifted in the right direction.

Since I started this method, I have successfully recruited a new Organiser, Tamsin Sankey. I am thrilled that Tami has successfully achieved her Kit Boost and Kit Refund! I am currently in contact with several other interested people, and have booked some Home Parites.

I am very proud to have been nominated by Kate L'argent for being Organiser of the Month - thank you, Kate!"

Congratulations Kate! A copy of our May Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

Nominations for Organiser of the Month...

We look forward to receiving all nominations. You may nominate yourself or any other Organiser. Please email your stories to along with your name and Organiser number. Good luck!