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Up, Up and Away - Destination St. Petersburg

23rd May 2018

Our yearly Travel Incentive is the biggest prize in our Passport to Success Programme and is a fantastic celebration of our Organisers' hardwork and determination to succeed. Each year we travel to an exciting destination and treat some of our Organisers to a much deserved all expenses paid break. 

The star destination of our 2019 Travel Incentive is the magical St. Petersburg. Full of history, culture, and hundreds of bridges, this Russian beauty is the real star of our 2019 Travel Incentive.

But did you know these facts about the Russian city?

  1. St. Petersburg has changed its name several times. The very first name of the city was Saint Petersburg, then after WW1 it was changed to Petrograd, after the Revolution it became Leningrad and just after the collapse of the Soviety Union, it was christened St. Petersburg once more.
  2. The Alexander column, standing at a height of 47.5 metres stands straight only due to its weight and construction - there are no supportive mechanisms. The architect Auguste Monferrand used to walk around the column in order to dissolve the fears of St. Petersburg's residents that the pillar might fall.
  3. The Hermitage museum has its own little army of cats who guard the stocked pieces of art in the museum's cellars.
  4. St. Petersburg is the world's most northern city. 
  5. St. Petersburg is also called 'The Venice of the North'. It comprises of 42 islands and has 40 rivers crossing it.
  6. There are nearly 600 bridges in St Petersburg and 22 of them are drawbridges.
  7. St. Petersburg is also known as 'Gorod Muzei' - the museum city of Russia. There are nearly 300 museums in the city, and each year the city holds The Night of Museums Festival.
  8. St Petersburg is the greenest of Russia's major cities, with over 200 parks and gardens, and over a thousand tree-lined streets and more than 700 leafy squares.
  9. The main dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral is gilted with 100 kg of pure gold. During the WW2 siege, residents hid it beneath a layer of grey paint.
  10. St. Petersburg has more songs written about it than any other Russian city.

With beautiful architecture, a fascinating history, and hundreds of museums, St. Petersburg is a cultural hub that we're sure you can't wait to visit.

Want to know how you can book your place on the plane to visit this incredible city? Find out all about our travel criteria here.

We are very proud of our Organisers who are currently in the running to join us in St. Petersburg. Some of our potential winners tell us what the Travel Incentive means to them and how they have worked to achieve it so far:

'When I saw the destination for the 2019 Travel Incentive, I knew I had to work towards being on the trip. It's somewhere I would just love to go, but due to personal family circumstances, I don't think I'd ever get to experience it like I would on the Travel Incentive trip.

I decided to put everything into working towards my place on the trip and during the Spring season, I supported my first ever DPB team member to promote, securing my first tick in the box. At the start of this year, I asked my current team members if they wanted to work towards becoming Team Leader and I have several ladies I'm supporting this year. Fingers crossed they all promote and I get a few more ticks in the boxes when needed, and who knows who else will join my team before the end of the year - maybe some more future Team Leaders are amongst them.' - Beth O'Donovan

'I am happy to tell you that achieving the first step to St. Petersburg makes me realise that each day of Usborne is more than worth it in the long run to the ultimate goal of 2019. Before achieving the India Travel Incentive, I couldn't really understand the importance of it; but once there, I made a promise to achieve as many as possible and more importantly, to bring my downline with me on this adventure. Two more steps, two more achievements for my downline and me, and off we go!' - Gabriela Rusu

'Last year's Travel Incentive seemed like a very distant dream - not something that would ever be in my reach. Now, less than two years into my business, I am fully going for it. During last season, my mindset switched. I realised if I wanted something, I could go out and get it. I made a plan, I stuck to it and I'm making it happen. I've now ticked the first box for St. Petersburg; I have seen what I can do if I put my mind to it and treat my business with the respect it deserves.' - Kirsty Weston