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Book of the Month - Never Get Bored Book

1st May 2018

How many times have your children told you that they are bored and don't know what to do? Our new Never Get Bored Book is the answer to this age old statement! Packed with over a hundred different ideas and activities, there is something in this book to pique every child's interest.

Budding photographers? We love the master photo tricks. From creating your own filters for photos, to framing your pictures, to playing with angles, the fun tips are perfect for whiling the hours away with friends, pets, or even on your own. Plus there's a close-up photo quiz for children to do, and a challenge to create their own! 

Wannabe detectives in your household? See if they can solve four unsolved crimes by working out the clues hidden in the newspaper articles. Challenge their powers of deduction, and see if they can be the next Sherlock Holmes by solving the mysteries and working out what happened in each case.

Looking for something to use up excess energy? We've got some suggestions for games that can be played with empty plastic bottles. Set up your own bowling alley and see how many bottles you can knock down with a tennis ball. Compete against your friends or see if you can break your own record in this homemade twist on a favourite pastime. Or why not use the bottles for a ring toss? Create the rings from paper and see if you can throw them to land over the bottles.

Want some arts and crafts ideas that don't cost a penny? Why not create art using things you can find in the great outdoors? Use fallen leaves to make circular, starburst patterns. Create footprint flowers in the mud or sand. Or introduce your children to the old fashioned fun of bark rubbing.

Whatever your child is interested in, the Never Get Bored Book is sure to have an activity to keep them happy. Plus they might even find a new favourite pastime that they hadn't ever thought of. We're sure that this book will be a firm favourite for any family.

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