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Reach for the Stars - April Stories

19th April 2018

The exciting thing about running your own Usborne business, is the opportunity to not only share our award-winning books with customers, schools and more, but also to share that same opportunity with others. Our Organisers are able to support countless individuals to write a better story for their families.

In this series of blogs, we will be following the stories of some of our newly promoted Organisers, who may be becoming a leader for the first time, or climbing further up the promotion ladder by expanding their businesses.

We hope that their stories show you that anything is achievable in your Usborne business. Just reach for the stars!

Jackie's Story

'I joined Usborne after a chat with my best friend. I had not long had my second child, my confidence had slipped, and I had found maternity leave to be quite isolating at times. In our conversation, my friend mentioned Usborne and that she wanted to sign up, so I asked if she minded if I did the same. So I did! There and then on a complete spur of the moment! I wanted to gain my confidence back whilst earning a little extra money as well - the free books for my children were also a massive bonus.

When my friend joined two weeks later, she became my first team member. I enjoyed supporting her the best that I could, and she was amazing and promoted really quickly to Team Leader. After hearing and seeing how successful she was, it gave me even more of a push to achieve that as well.

To get to Team Leader, my mentor was a great support and really helped me with planning how I was going to get there in my chosen month. I initially had a few set backs with a couple of recruits, so didn't get to Team Leader that month. So I refocused, made another plan, and went full throttle to get my goal. I'm really happy to say I achieved Team Leader the following month. My team that I have built up are fantastic, and all encourage each other.

My tip for an Organiser looking to promote would be to just keep strong. You may have a few set backs like myself but with enough passion and determination you will get there in the end! Not every journey is easy - but they all end up with a destination!'

Francesca's Story

'After my second son was born, the plan had always been for me to be at home with the children for a while. However, finances would not have allowed me to do this for long! I started searching for opportunities to work from home so that I could be around for the children and also bring in a bit of money for us as a family. When I read about Usborne Books at Home, something just 'clicked' and it felt right. My love of books finally had a purpose aside from being an enjoyable hobby. Not only did I end up being able to earn some money, I have also grown massively in confidence, which I didn't realise would be an added benefit of becoming an Usborne Organiser!

After promoting to Team Leader, I knew I wanted to encourage other team members to aim for promotion too. Having built confidence in myself and been able to experience things like Leadership Academy and the online BDP groups, I was keen for the rest of my team to have these experiences too. The £250 bonus was also a factor, but only because I knew it would be some welcome extra spending money for our family holiday to Disneyland in May!

Promoting Team Leaders takes time and I was excited to see first Victoria, and then Jo promote to Team Leader status within my team. The promotion to Group Leader felt like the natural next step as I knew both of them wanted to be qualifying on a regular basis. We worked together on some volume mapping and on encouraging team members, as well as working with schools to get some amazing school orders, and in March it all came together for us as a group. I am so proud of them both for what they've achieved over the last few months, with Jo being a very new Team Leader and Victoria having had a baby in January! They both have amazing goals and I feel privileged to be able to support them in their journeys.

The thing that makes the biggest difference in the run up to a promotion is your mindset. If you believe you can do it, then you will achieve infinitely more! February was such a struggle for me and I could have easily given up there and then on that month, which would have put me out of BDP for next season, despite a potential promotion the following month. But I was absolutely determined not to let it defeat me, and I pulled out all the stops to qualify in February and then promote in March. You have to believe in yourself, believe in your team and not let yourself get in your own way. Once you have that nailed, just give it your all!'

Cristina's Story

'I am Cristina, an economic manager. I have a perfect husband and two wonderful toddlers, Filip and Vladimir.

I joined Usborne in February 2017. I placed my first six orders in the few days after registration, and after I received them, I started thinking about future strategies and began making lists. We already had a great love for books and a considerable collection at home, and this helped me to recommend them with all my heart and then to sell them.

Since I started my Usborne journey, I have dreamt of this position, and I did not stop working and hoping for it. 

To become a Team Leader was real luck. When I saw no solution of how to promote, my fifth recruit placed an order on my last day of double promotion, May 31st. In November, when I became a Group Leader, it was the same. The fourth recruit of my second Team Leader placed an order a few days before the end of the month. And finally, in February, I have reached my initial purpose - to become a Divisional Leader. As Gabriela Rusu said, it is very pleasing when everything happens naturally and you don't have to force the hands of destiny.

For all my achievements, I bring thanks with all my heart to my incredible team. I'm proud to have a wonderful team - special moms, motivated to strive to accomplish their goals, even in times of difficulty.

And now that I have reached my goal, I'm not stopping here!

Congratulations to Jackie for promoting to Team Leader, Francesca for promoting to Group Leader and Cristina for promoting to Divisional Leader! We are incredibly proud of all your achievements.