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Book Review - Girls for the Vote

11th May 2018

When twelve-year-old Polly's best friend Lily moves away, Polly is devastated. Her only remaining companion is Maurice who is not only a tell-tale, but also incredibly irritating, and Polly has no interest in a friendship with him.

But Polly's world is about to change completely when two suffragettes, Edwina and Violet, move into the flat upstairs. With the help of her two new friends, Polly starts to question her own rights as a girl, and the lack of equality between men and women in society.

As Polly spends more time with Edwina and Violet, she realises how much they are prepared to sacrifice to stand up for their rights and those of women everywhere, and Polly knows that she wants to do more too. But Polly's father is very strict, and her mother believes that decorum is the rule for female behaviour, and she knows that neither will support her and the suffragettes' cause.

Will Polly risk disobeying her parents to stand up for what she believes in?

Girls for the Vote is the first title in the 6 Chelsea Walk series, and is perfect if you're looking for a historical novel that focuses on strong women and their important moments in history. Through Polly, you get a fantastic insight into the world of the suffragettes and the lives of people in 1914 Britain.

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