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Choose Usborne for your School - Reason #2 National Curriculum Links

27th April 2018

We have thousands of Usborne Organisers across the UK and Europe working with schools to inspire a lifelong love of reading in their pupils, and to help teachers and parents to find the very best books for their children.

Every month we'll be exploring how creating a partnership with an Usborne Organiser can hugely benefit you and your school. From free and discounted books for your school, to planning personalised reading events to suit you, to recommending the best books for each age range, an Usborne Organiser can be an invaluable support to you and your school.

This month we're looking at the National Curriculum. With thousands of titles covering everything from politics, to the periodic table, to ancient history, we strive to produce engaging, exciting, and innovative titles to enthuse a lifelong love of learning in all children.

We've divided up the overall aims of the National Curriculum into five key areas that we think our Organisers would be able to support the needs of your school with, through books that can aid the achievement of these aims.

Enthusiasm for wider learning

An early enthusiasm for learning is easily lost, when children feel as though they are learning about things that don't interest them, or only learning information to pass a test or exam.

Our See Inside series is ideal for dipping in and out of, to expand your knowledge of different subject areas. Plus, many titles have been created in-line with the National Curriculum, to provide a different format of learning where pupils can discover new information and facts at their own pace.

From the History of Britain, to World Religions, to Computers and Coding, the See Inside titles would make a welcome addition to any library or class book shelf. 

Plus, it isn't just primary topics that are explored in this series, our Lift-the-flap Periodic Table is a novel way of tackling this tricky subject that is sure to engage even the least enthusiastic of scientists.

And, if all that wasn't enough, many of our books are on the Usborne Quicklinks website, where carefully selected websites have been linked to titles for further research. Just type in a title into the search on this website to open up a wealth of further information:

Curiosity about the world around you

Sometimes the format of books can dull children's curiosity without meaning to. Usborne prides itself on creating vibrant and engaging titles, that encourage children to learn more about the world around them, without necessarily realising they are doing it.

Our Question & Answer books are great for younger pupils. With topics from animals, to our world, to long ago, there is something to appeal to every interest. The format of the books means that pupils can find the answers to their own questions and the titles are perfect for dipping in and out of, whenever pupils have spare reading time.

For older students, our 100 Things To Know series is perfect. From the human body, to history, to science, each title contains 100 things you never knew you wanted to know about each subject. Great for reigniting a natural curiosity for knowledge, the graphic style illustrations and bizarre facts and figures are great for prompting discussion and sharing with friends.

A strong grasp of key skills

Learning the basics is key to creating a solid foundation for future success. Usborne's new Key Skills series can help to support the development of these key skills and children's confidence in their grasp of them.

Aimed at ages 5-6, 6-7 and 7-8, they are a great resources for parents to use with their children at home, to help to solidify the skills they are learning at school. Covering topics such as grammar and punctuation, spelling, times tables and fractions, these write-in workbooks are ideal for children who want some extra practise at home.

Instilling skills for life

The National Curriculum states that it wants to prepare pupils for the wider world, and to have the skills to succeed in their adult lives. Usborne has a growing range of more life skilled related titles, perfect for preparing pupils for the wider world.

Politics for Beginners is one of our latest titles and is an engaging and informative introduction to government, human rights, freedom of speech and much more. It's ideal for students in late primary and secondary education.

Usborne's Staying Safe Online is great for tips and tricks for protecting yourself online and managing your online presence. Whilst titles such as Why Shouldn't I Eat Junk Food? and Why Should I Bother to Keep Fit? are ideal for raising some of the issues that may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle in both adolescence and adulthood.

To work and think creatively

Many authors say that to be a good writer, you need to read lots. Our extensive fiction range is perfect for inspiring creativity and for giving pupils a much needed break from more academic titles. Taking pupils from young fiction aimed at 5-8 year olds, to YA fiction aimed at your oldest students, we believe that we have a fiction title to suit every young person.

And, with a full range of creative writing books, baking books, art books, and much more, our titles are perfect for inspiring creativity at home, whatever students' interests may be. 

Want to know more about how our Organisers can work with you?

Contact your local Usborne Organiser today to find out more about how our books can help to support your pupils' learning, the discounts they can give you on your order, and how they can help your school to select the books that will work best for your pupils at home and in the classroom.

Find your nearest Organiser by typing your school's postcode in here: or email to be put into contact with an Organiser.