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Book Review - The Secret Ruby (The Rose Muddle Mysteries)

27th April 2018

Rose was looking forward to a quiet trip to India with her best friend Rui and their monkey mascot Bahula. But since becoming the guardian of the magical amber pendant, quiet no longer seems to be in her vocabulary, and sure enough, her adventure to India is about to take a dramatic turn...

When the train they're travelling on plunges into darkness, Rose's mind is filled with the image of Missy - a girl who had helped the sinister Brotherhood of the Black Sun in Hove, and of the fear that someone was about to take her amber pendant again. She had thought that travelling thousands of miles away would mean she was safe from the Brotherhood, but now she wasn't so sure.

A break-in on the train takes Rose's uncertainty one step further, and when an intruder tells Rui to 'Beware the gemstone of fire', they realise that it might not just be the amber pendant that's in danger, but Mr Gupta's precious ruby too. 

With his idol Sherlock Holmes in mind, Rui begins to piece together the moments on the train, and the clues that were left behind to find out the meaning behind the intruder's words and reason to beware of Mr Gupta's ruby.

The plot thickens, and as Rui and Rose's suspicions build, they discover that a dark and watchful enemy is moving among them. They know that they can trust no-one, and a race against time begins to save Jaipur from the darkness that is threatening to overcome it.

Fans of The Amber Pendant will not be disappointed by Imogen White's sequel. It has all the magic and mystery of the first, with the comfort of the growing friendship between Rose and Rui, and the ever starring role of Bahula the monkey. In the exotic setting of Jaipur we learn much more about Rui and Rose's pasts, and the power of not just the amber pendant, but the ruby too. And, whilst we don't want to give too much away, the ending will open up a whole new thread to the story that you'll be desperate to explore!

The Secret Ruby is a classic story of the fight between good and evil, with a wonderful thread of mystery throughout for the reader to gradually unravel. If you're looking for a fast-paced narrative, strong characters, and a generous dose of magic, then The Rose Muddle Mysteries is definitely the series for you.

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