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Fiction Book of the Month - The Wild Folk

27th July 2018

For city boy Tin, life is lived behind the impenetrable walls of the city. Orphaned and brought up by the Brothers, he is no stranger to cruelty and hardwork. Every day he is forced to work tirelessly to find a way of making the mysterious stargold that the Brothers believe is key to saving their city. And every day in secret, Tin works on his invention, the Fiddleback, as a way of escaping it all.

For country girl Comfrey, life is much more peaceful. Living in and amongst nature, her time is spent tending the land, and working hard to make the eight-yearly offerings to the mysterious Wild Folk, on behalf of all of Farallone. The only thing missing in Comfrey's life is her father, but she knows in her heart, he's out there somewhere, just waiting to be found.

But both of their lives are about to change forever, when something truly out of the ordinary happens...

Two young hares, Myrtle and Mallow are thrown quite unexpectedly into Tin and Comfrey's lives, and soon all four lives will be unbreakably intertwined.

In an adventure that takes them beyond the boundaries of the city and country, Tin and Comfrey must work together under the guidance of the hares to save the future of the world they live in. Facing great dangers, and impossible challenges, they must overcome it all in their quest to truly understand the world they live in, and to protect it from those who would destroy it all for the riches it hides.

Sylvia Linsteadt has created a novel that will be cherished by generation after generation. It is lyrical and poetic and has a plot full of magic and wonder. It has all the beauty of a classic novel, with the pace that a modern reader craves.

The Wild Folk is not a novel you read, it's a novel you inhabit. From start to finish, you are transported to a world where good battles against evil, and innocence tries to counter-act greed. Like all great children's novels, it shows us that children have the power to see the world for all the beauty it contains, and not all the ways in which it should change. It reminds us that united we are strong, but divided we will crumble. Most importantly, it teaches us to cherish what we have and to fight to protect all the wonders of the world we live in.

Here's what our Organisers thought about it:

'A beautifully written magical book that I have just finished - a fantasy world that gives you a lot of food for thought about the interconnectiveness of our whole environment and how we need to take care of it. Brilliant!' - Mary Cusens

'I feel that the theme of environmental destruction is very pertinent; propaganda and the dissemination of information; the need for cross-border collaboration, acceptance and appreciation of those that are different to ourselves. Beautiful, bold chatracters all painted both in light and dark with a rich vocabulary and with real depth. My son and I loved The Wild Folk and we are waiting impatiently for the next one!' - Hannaliza Strachan

'I would recommend this to people who like fantasy fiction with a dystopian twist.' - Heidi Thomas

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