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Top Ten Books to Travel Back in Time With

12th April 2018

We love finding out about how people lived before us, and Usborne has an amazing selection of history books to help children (and adults!) to discover much more about the past. Here are our top ten history recommendations:

100 Things to Know About History

Did you know that people in the arctic made tools from meteorites? Or that Abraham Lincoln won votes by chopping wood? Or that Queen Ines of Portugal was crowned after her death? Find out the answers to all the questions you never knew you wanted to ask in this fact filled extravaganza.

A Short History of the World

From early civilisations, to the Renaissance, to empires and industry, take a fast-paced trip through time in this brilliant book. All of human history is in this fab book, bursting into life with detailed illustrations, maps and charts throughout. 

Visitors' Guide to Ancient Rome

Thinking about a trip to Ancient Rome? Don't know where to start? Don't speak Latin? Don't worry. This guide has all you need to know. So dive in for tips and warnings about what to eat, where to go, and how to come back in one piece.

The Story of Astonomy and Space

When you look up at the night sky, you're not just seeing stars. The empty blackness of space is dotted with objects of all shapes and sizes, from gigantic fiery stars to tiny specks of dust. This book explores the mysteries of space and shares the secrets of astronomy.

Sticker Dressing First World War

Follow the course of the First World War and meet some of the men who took part. From field marshals and recruitment officers to ambulance drivers and soldiers in muddy trenches, use the stickers to dress them all for action.

See Inside the History of Britain

Over 2,000 years, Britain has survived plagues, invasions and world wars, and ruled an empire that stretched across the globe. With stunning illustrations and flaps to lift, this book tells Britain's incredible history - a story of conquering kings, intrepid explorers, and inventors that changed the world.

The Story of Inventions

Ever wondered who invented the toilet? Or who created the first chocolate bar? Or when the flying machine was made? This book reveals the real-life stories and bright sparks behind dozens of brilliant ideas from the wheel to the first computer mouse.

The Usborne Official Knight's Handbook

From holding lances to courtly dances, novice knights have a lot to learn. Help is at hand with this book, which covers everything from sieges and swordplay to feasts and fights. Get ready to battle your way to glory!

Look Inside Mummies and Pyramids

Lift the flaps to explore the tombs of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs. See how mighty pyramids were built, discover how mummies were made, and hunt for golden treasures hidden in secret tombs in the Valley of the Kings!

Vikings - Usborne Beginners

Did you know that the Vikings were both terrifying raiders and brave explorers? In this fascinating book you can find out what it was like to be a Viking, and learn about Viking homes, feasts, boats, gods and much more.