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Book of the Month - Miss Molly's School of Manners

3rd April 2018

Algernon the raccoon has terrible manners! He never says please and he never says thank you. He doesn't think to help others, and he doesn't bother saying sorry when he does something wrong.

But then Algernon stumbles upon a rather unusual place...

Greeted by Head Teacher, Miss Molly, Algernon is introduced to her School of Manners! From the Sharing Studio, to the Listening Carefully Lab, to the History of Manners, there are all sorts of different classrooms for Algernon to explore.

As Algernon works his way around the classrooms, he learns about all sorts of good habits, such as taking turns with others, asking nicely to join in with games, and not talking with your mouth full. His day ends with a Good Sports Day, where Algernon shows everyone just how much he has learned about his manners.

Full of spot and talk about opportunities, each page has lots of different animal characters in lots of different situations where good manners are needed. From a shy turtle helped to come out of her shell by a considerate giraffe, to a polar bear and a rabbit who need to take turns on the swings, each little animal shows children examples of good and bad manners for them to learn from.

With vibrant, cartoon style illustrations throughout, Miss Molly's School of Manners is a fun and lighthearted way to teach your children about why good manners are important, and how they can make other people happy!

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