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Book Review - Exile

22nd May 2018

When Storm and Lincoln returned from the dinosaur continent Piloria, they believed that they would never have to go back there. In their mission to collect the eggs of the most dangerous dinosaurs, they were lucky to escape with their lives.

As Earthasia's scientists work frantically to create a new virus to kill the most deadly dinosaurs on Piloria, Storm and Lincoln try to readjust to life on the human continent. But Piloria has left scars that they can't escape from, and both are haunted by the days that they spent there.

Yet their relative safety on Earthasia is shortlived. With the scientists claiming to have created viruses that can kill the three most deadly dinosaurs on Piloria, it is decided that a group must go out there immediately to test them, and for the first time ever, they are sending people that have been there before.

Joining Storm and Lincoln on a new mission to Piloria are previous trialist Leif, Storm's estranged father Reban, and exiled Stipulator, Blaine's daughter Jesa. Whilst Leif and Reban are desperate not to land on the dinosaur continent, Storm, Lincoln and Jesa all have their own reasons for wanting to go, in spite of all the dangers.

But Piloria is as unpredictable as the dinosaurs that inhabit it, and their mission to distribute the viruses in the watering holes of the big three is far from simple. Under constant threat of attack in a landscape that seems to be ever changing, the group's only hope for survival is to stick together. But divisions are rife, with Leif still angry with Lincoln from the previous trial and Storm unwilling to connect to her father, and conflict is ever brewing.

Exile has all the power of the first novel, but somehow, Susan Wilson has managed to surpass it. Its dystopian setting really gets you questioning your own morals and what you believe to be right or wrong. Whilst its setting seems very far from our own world, it's easy to see how our lives could be so similar to those of Storm and Lincoln if we don't start to respect the world we live in.

Fast paced, bursting with suspense, and full of deadly threats, Exile is a dystopian thriller not to be missed. If you loved The Extinction Trials, you will be beyond obsessed with this second instalment. 

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