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Book Review - The Twitches Bake a Cake

30th May 2018

Stevie has four tiny rabbits that live in a tiny teacup house, and they are her most prized possessions. But what Stevie doesn't know is that when she isn't looking, the rabbits come to life and have the most wonderful adventures!

In The Twitches Bake a Cake, Stevie and her mum are hosting a party for all their new friends and neighbours. The star attraction of the party is the big purple cake that Stevie is helping her mum to ice. And it's certainly caught the eyes of Fig and Silver Twitch!

Looking to surprise their parents, Fig and Silver decide to bake a cake, and desperate to make it extra special, they really want to finish the cake with Stevie's special glittery purple icing.

But icing isn't easy to reach when you're as small as the Twitches are, and getting their hands on some becomes one BIG adventure for Fig and Silver.

The Twitches Bake a Cake has all the sparkle of Meet the Twitches, but with the extra treat of getting to reunite with your favourite characters. Silver is just as adventurous and inventive as before, and we learn that Fig is a brilliant baker!

Stevie faces some new challenges in The Twitches Bake a Cake, and there is a lovely theme of friendship throughout the novel. Stevie teaches us that while making new friends can be scary, it can also be the very best thing in the world.

Full of wonderful illustrations, humour and adventure, The Twitches Bake a Cake may just be the icing on top of the Teacup House cake. 

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