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March new titles

22nd February 2013

March new titles

There are 20 charming new Usborne titles now available to order.

Take a look at the table below and click the links for each title - these take you to the online catalogue where you can learn more about each title and it's suitability for your child.


March new titles
CoverTitle, price and code

Baby's Very First Black & White Tray
£19.99 | 55637

Build your own cars sticker book
£5.99| 55538
Farmyard Tales Activity Book
£6.99 | 54998
First Illustrated Science Dictionary
£9.99 | 55540

Noisy Noah's Ark
£12.99 | 55158

The Reluctant Dragon
£4.99 | 55042
Pompeii Sticker Book
£6.99 | 55633

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
£12.99 | 53301

First Phonics Words
£4.99 |  55048

Spartacus (Young Reading 2)
£4.99 | 53593

Claws of Evil (Battles of Ben Kingdom)
£6.99 | 54400
Beginners Bees and Wasps
£4.99 | 54487
That's not my colouring book for boys
£4.99 | 55004

That's not my colouring book for girls
£4.99 | 55005

Glug Glug Glug Bath Book
£6.99 | 55611

Fish Cloth Book
£6.99 | 54824

Hen Cloth Book
£6.99 | 54825

Viking World
£9.99 | 55666

Look Inside an Airport
£9.99 | 55176

Secret Garden
£4.99 | 55591

Great, how do I order through an Organiser?

Speak to the person who showed you this post, or contact us.

If you're an Organiser:

Add to your Kit by ordering any of these titles half-price, every time you submit a £100+ sales value order.

The March New Titles Advanced Information sheet contains half-price sample codes and prices, and detailed product information - to help you hone your knowledge of this month's new titles.

Please note:March's sample offer lasts until 9.30am on Friday 22nd March. Half-price samples do not count towards volumes and no commission will be paid on them. Only one sample book may be ordered on each £100+ sales value order (not one copy of each sample).

Download the Newly Published Title List to get to grips with all of the new Usborne releases so far this year, and share the New Titles Poster with all of your customers today.