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May Book Club Review - Slay

25th May 2018

Meet Slay. Hottest band on the planet. Teenage idols. Demon killers.

Meet Milly. 16 years old. Daughter of an opera singer. Talented piano player.

Now Slay, meet Milly?!

When Milly's mum moves them to Chicago at the request of her new agent, Milly is resigned to yet another new school in yet another new location. What she's not prepared for though, is the weird change that has come over her mother. She knows something isn't right, and her mum's new manager Mourdant is just downright creepy. But maybe she's overreacting - she tends to do that a lot.

After some frantic internet searching about Mourdant and his strange black eyes, Milly's feed is full of ghosts, demons and evil, but she's sure that she's just overreacting. But then an email arrives with the Subject line: You're not safe, doubts about all the strange things that are happening around her start to flood in. 

And that's when Milly meets Slay.

Bursting into her house, armed and ready, Slay's killer training is brought into action, and Milly learns the truth about the all-star boyband - they are kick-ass demon killers, saving the world one gig at a time! 

Swept up in the world of Slay, Milly joins them on the tour bus, ready to solve the mystery of Zyanya, Priestess of Tezcatlipoca before it's too late...

Packed with action, kick-ass moves, and an irrestible boyband, Slay is the perfect read for anyone who has ever wondered what really goes on backstage! It will keep you guessing from start to finish as you race through the pages to battle the demons and end them once and for all. And like any good boyband, everyone will have their favourite - and who knows, they might be battling a demon near you very soon!

Here's what our Organisers thought about it:

'Fantastic! Move over Winchester brothers, Slay are in the house! Fast-paced page turner, packed full of action and adventure. A great book to chill out and fall in love with over the summer.' - Jayne Swift

'Slay is a fantastic summer read for those who loved Twilight. It's full of action and kept me gripped until the last page. Let Slay be your holiday romance.' - Clare Irwin

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