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Usborne Book of the Month - March 2013

1st March 2013

Noisy Noah's Ark

Having been set the task of picking my favourite new title for March and writing about why I love it, I knew it had to be Noisy Noah's Ark.

I've always loved noisy books and when I was a little girl, one of my most treasured possessions was a copy of Thumbelina complete with sound panel. Sound really does have the power to make a story seem real, which is great for building the imagination!

Ever since I heard there would be a Noisy Noah's Ark several months ago, when writing for the spring leaflets, I was really excited by the idea. Then, when it actually landed on our desks a short while after that, well, wow is all I can say.

Featuring gorgeous, bright illustrations, with great intricate details, and so many animals to spot - the gentle tale of Noah's Ark is brought to life. But visuals aren't the only interactive device at play here, (as you would expect given the 'noisy' reference in the title).

The book also comes with a delightful selection of sounds from hammering and sawing, as Noah's family set to work building the ark, to squawking parrots and screeching monkeys boarding the ark, to the sound of the great storm and, the calming sound of the dove who reports that the rain has finally stopped.

Learning to read and enjoy books shouldn't just be a two dimensional experience, and the popularity of sound books with young children - proves their worth in inspiring and educating little ones.

This is one of the best, but don't just take my word for it, order yourself a copy today and see for yourself.

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