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Organiser of the Month - Elisha Ali Sadique

20th February 2018

We love hearing about the ways that our Organisers connect with schools and charities to get books into the hands of lots of children from all backgrounds. February's Organiser of the Month has overcome many obstacles to plan for a big future for her business.

Elisha was nominated by her mentor Jo Haden, who says that she is completely inspirational!

"Elisha joined Usborne on the 8th January, and while her sales have been great, I am just blown away by her passion and commitment to this along with her family. She has three boys under the age of three, two of whom have been poorly, the youngest (ten months) having spent six months of his life in Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Today, for example, Elisha has spent three hours at her children's nursery working with the manager to get all the paperwork ready for their upcoming RSL for World Book Day, and is now getting the bus home to feed her two other children before going back to see her youngest in hospital. She is also in negotiations with Birmingham Children's Hospital about fundraising to provide all their wards with books for inpatients and siblings."

Elisha shares her Usborne story with us:

"I am absolutely over the moon and delighted to have been chosen! It's been a very long time since I achieved something amazing (my children aside of course!)"

Joining Usborne was something I had deliberated about for quite a while, but was always put aside as I felt it wouldn't be manageable or logical to take on board as I am a mother of three (beautiful) children under three, two of which have medical complexities.

I have spent over six months and counting in the last year at Birmingham Children's Hospital with my youngest boy who has been very poorly since birth. It has been a very long and hard journey, pushing me to limits I had never dreamed of experiencing. It was then that I thought, right, I can do this, and took what was a massive step for me personally, and crazily out of my comfort zone, in joining the Usborne family!

The past two months have flown by. Not only has it given me a distraction from my crazy life, but it's helped me regain my confidence and passion in helping and providing for others. I managed to pluck up the courage to approach my eldest's nursery and will be working alongside them during World Book Day, having organised a RSL during the week of 26th February - March 2nd 2018. After spending another night at the hospital, I got up early, hopped on the bus, and I spent a good three hours at the nursery to help make the RSL packs for the 130 children that attend there, and get all the posters ready for them to put around the classrooms, before heading home and then returning back to the hospital in time for lunch! Alongside the RSL, it has been agreed for me to run a book stall in the nursery reception for the duration of the week. Naturally it would be hard to man the stall myself for the five days, but I have set up order forms so parents can place their orders and payments if I'm not there - this whole set up works fantastically around my family life.

I am also in talks with a regional fundraiser from Birmingham Children's Hospital about working together on a Community Book Pledge to replenish the books throughout the hospital on all the different wards! With my youngest being born premature and severely poorly, we have become a live-in resident on the site. We've stayed as an inpatient across seven of the different wards to date due to various problems with his health. So I sent the fundraising team a heartfelt email explaining the idea of replenishing the books site-wide as I felt I really wanted to give something back to the Trust  for everything they have done for me and my son. 

I have achieved things already this year that I never thought I was capable of, and stepped right out of my comfort zone.

I was lucky enough to have Jo Haden as my mentor who I truly cannot thank enough for holding my hand through every (scary) step I took! Adding another responsibility to my already crazy life and embarking on this new journey has warranted some people to comment and think I'm totally bonkers for doing so, but in the space of two months I already proved them and myself so so wrong! Onwards and upwards. Anything is achievable if your heart is in it!

Congratulations Elisha! A copy of our February Book of the Month will be on its way to you very soon.

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