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Reach for the Stars - February Stories

20th February 2018

The exciting thing about running your own Usborne business, is the opportunity to not only share our award-winning books with customers, schools and more, but also to share that same opportunity with others. Our Organisers are able to support countless individuals to write a better story for their families.

In this new series of blogs, we will be following the stories of some of our newly promoted Organisers, who may be becoming a leader for the first time, or climbing further up the promotion ladder by expanding their businesses.

We hope that their stories show you that anything is achievable in your Usborne business. Just reach for the stars!

Jo's Story

I first joined Usborne at the end of 2015. I'd just returned to work after maternity leave with my first child and I wanted to earn some extra money to supplement my part-time wage working in the local hospital. I wanted to find something that would be sustainable and not just a 'fad' and it needed to be a product I believed in and loved myself - I found Usborne Books at Home.

For a long time I was happy just to be an Organiser and put through £100 consistently each month, and I dabbled in recruiting here and there, but never took the steps to go any further as I was happy with where I was at. But during the autumn season of 2017, my goals changed as did my mindset. I wanted to save up enough money to go to New York for my ten year wedding anniversary in 2020, but I didn't want to sacrifice lots of precious family time to make the necessary savings.

In order to achieve this, I fine-tuned exactly what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to achieve it without feeling the pressure to do things I didn't want to do. I remembered 'my business, my way' and realised I had a choice whether to change my mindset or leave it how it was. So what did I do? I decided that I wasn't going to do lots of events, which for me personally would take me away from my husband, my three year old, and my baby. But I was going to focus on improving my online presence and selling. I was going to recruit and start to build my team. My mindset changed from focusing on negatives (which I always used to do) to trying to see the positives in every situation, even if they didn't go to plan in the way I wanted them to. I moved my computer downstairs, which meant I could do little bits of Usborne focused time whilst still being present in the room with my husband and two children. So when January came I managed to recruit enough members to qualify, through re-contacting old leads and sending out new recruitment posts online. I then increased my own monthly orders three-fold and supported my team members to achieving their own goals for January. It's been an exciting time and I look forward to what the rest of this year brings.