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Book Review - Meet the Twitches

21st February 2018

Stevie isn't happy. Her mum is making her move away from the home where she has always lived (Flat 137G) to live a cottage in the countryside miles away. She doesn't want to leave her room, or her friends, or her school, and she doesn't want to live in the countryside.

But when her Nanny gives her a present, things start to look better for Stevie. Attached to the shiny parcel is a note that says:

'A new house for a new house. May you have lots of adventures.'

Inside the parcel is a teacup, and inside the teacup is a bathroom, two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a study - a tiny teacup house! And to go in the tiny teacup house, is a tiny family of rabbits, called Gabriel, Bo, Silver and Fig Twitch.

When Stevie arrives at her new house in the countryside, she immediately wants to set up her new teacup house, but something is wrong - Gabriel is missing!

While Stevie frantically looks for her missing rabbit, Gabriel's family come to life behind her back! Quickly they hatch a rescue mission to find him and bring him home, using only a ribbon, some tissue paper, four safety pins and two crinkled-up sweet wrappers...

Meet the Twitches is the first in a new series for young readers, and fulfils every childhood dream of having toys that come to life when you're not looking. We loved the fun illustrations throughout, and adored the family of miniature rabbits. 

If you're looking for a read with a generous dusting of magic, then Meet the Twitches is the perfect new series for you. 

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